List of Good Table Manners

TABLE MANNERS NECESSARY FOR ALL – Professionals, Teens & Kids alike. Read ahead to find the most important basic table manners which everyone should know and follow. There are some major points which you should follow while on table :-
1. Usually people don’t notice that they are having their food while making noise and eating their food with the mouth open. This thing will reflect your personality in a very bad aspect.
2. This is the most common point which people almost forget every time and that is they don’t put their phone on silent mode by which you’re creating disturbance in your surroundings.
3. Another thing which is related to your cellphone is not to use your cellphone on the table. Also, keep it in the pocket or you will look impolite.
4. You are supposed to sit only after the host sits or he asks you to.
5. While you’re sitting on the table, must remember not to slouch, don’t cross your arms and sit straight and comfortably.
6. Put the napkin in front of you, on the lap. 
7.  Use your forks and knives or spoon in an order “OUTSIDE IN” which means, for starters for appetizers, use the knives kept the most outer-way and then use the inside ones for main course.
8.  When you are done with your food you have to place the knife and fork at 5 o’clock position in the plate but if you are not, you will have to place them in a position made of “V” upside down.
9. In the informal dinners, you are usually passed the bowls. Once it reaches you, serve yourself with the serving utensils only.. and not your silverware. Once you’re done pass it to other person.  10. If you need something which is far away.. don’t try to reach to it by yourself, but ask for it & it will reach to you.
11. If someone asks for salt or for the pepper, always pass them both together.
12. While serving yourself, take it in a balance. Take an idea by how many people are on the table, leave some for them all.
13. If the host is serving something but you don’t like that particular item, don’t be rude and decline it…instead try it even a little but don’t say no.
14. In case of any allergies, tell the host prior. So that the food arrangements can be made accordingly.
15. You should only start the food when everyone has been served and the host is starting to take the lead by holding his/ her fork and knife. If others haven’t even served, but you start eating your is considered impolite and rude.
16. While it’s time to eat the food there are two school of thoughts that are followed around the world. First one is the American way and the second is Continental way. According to the American, way you hold the fork with right hand to eat but when you have to cut something, simply shift fork into left hand and hold the knife with right hand. Once it is done, put the knife to the rest on plate and shift back your fork in right hand to eat your food.
17. On the other hand, Continental way of eating is way much easier. Here you hold fork in left hand and knife with right hand always.
18. While eating with a fork in continental way there are two ways and both are equally acceptable, either you have it with the forks facing upside or the downway.
19. Do not put your elbows on the table instead, while you are eating.. just let your wrists rest on table.
20. If you are not eating alone, the thing to be noticed is the pace of eating. So, don’t eat too fast or too slow. The pace should be such that it does not hurdles the flow of communication.

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