Most popular adventure activities in Dubai

Most popular adventure activities in Dubai

Most popular adventure activities in Dubai

Dubai is known for its luxury in anything and everything. Neighboured by the beaches on one side and Desert on the other, Dubai thrives with its sky-touching buildings way above the clouds. It was just back then when Dubai had only one tall structure and now, in less than three decades, the city boasts over 400 skyscrapers and many more lined up to join the league in the next few years. In fact, 1 out of every 4 cranes on earth is engaged in Dubai for multiple constructions.

Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest structure in the world with height of 828 metres and 163 floors and Burj Al Arab is the world’s only 7-Star hotel. Though Dubai is widely known for its splendid architectural designs, the city is a paradise in disguise when it comes to thrills and adventurous activities. As a matter of fact, adventure is yet another aspect of Dubai that ensures to push anybody off the limits.

An emirate of the Seven emirates called “United Arab Emirates”, Dubai is the most populous city in the UAE, but with a surprising fact that more than 80% of its population is composed of people from nations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other western countries. Dubai has been considered a hot destination for a vacation and travellers around the world visit this beautiful city for its offering to adventure squads to have the experience of their life-time.

Here is a glimpse to the paramount adventures in Dubai, keeping adrenaline in mind:

  1. Dune Bashing
    Speed thrills on the deserts. Get yourself behind the wheel and show what you have got. Dune Bashing is one of the best adventure sports in the world. A 4×4 wheel drive gives you all the chills and adrenaline are on rush when you cut-cross the dunes and make your way through mesmerizing golden sand surrounding you. The beauty of this adventure is being active throughout the year except seasonal change which may cause a potential sand storm.
    Cost – Starting from INR 3000 for duration of 15 min.
  2. Skydiving
    Ever wondered about bird’s eye view soaring way above the clouds and wished you could visualise the same. Here is the adventure in Dubai that lets you to make your wish come true with its own sport, called “Skydiving” being organised by Skydive Dubai. Considered to be one of the extreme sports in Dubai, it ensures to push you off the limits and have a life-time experience. Jumping off the helicopter (or chopper) at the height of 14000 feet and have an incredible view of the Palm Islands while falling all the way down. Most popular adventure activities in Dubai
    Cost – Starting from INR 3000 and other optional charges of photography and videography.
  3. Flyboarding
    A perfect blend of technology and nature. Amongst all the water sports, flyboarding tops the list for it gives you flight with no wings. The adventure is organised by Flyboard Dubai which makes the adventure reasonably worthy enough to be experienced. Water forcing you upwards while balancing on flyboard and a sudden rush takes you to the heights of up to 50 feet and then diving back into water forcefully is a great thrilling experience for all the adrenaline junkies.
    Cost – Starting from INR 5000 for duration of 20 min.
  4. Scuba Diving
    Adventures seem better when experienced. Scuba diving is yet another adventurous thrill in Dubai where you unfold a completely new world under water. Exploring marine life and breathing under the water is an activity for the life-time. Take yourself in depths of water and experience the silence turning into peace for quite a while. Even though the activity sounds surreal, it is indeed a safe and thrilling adventure and it may take you longer than a while to get over the feeling you had in there.
    Cost – Starting from INR 7000 for duration of 2 hours.
  5. Base Jumping
    A sight of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and a sight from the highest view point of the building are two completely different aspects. And then comes another aspect of mesmerizing view from the top of the building, at the height of 830 m, and jumping off it. Adrenaline couldn’t kick in any faster than jumping off the building at the height of 2720 feet and when you only pace up the speed while crashing on to the land of the sand, adventure could not go any extreme.
    Cost – Starting from INR 35000.
  6. Ferrari World
    An indoor adventure park based on the theme of Ferrari brand. A place comprising rides and adventures inspired by Ferrari. The theme park houses the Turbo track, the Ferrari store, Karting Academy, The Mamma Rosella, The Junior Grand Prix, and the superstar attraction Formula Rossa, which is considered to be the world’s fastest roller coaster with a top speed of over 240kmph in less than 5 seconds. The Ferrari world in Dubai is located at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. A must visit place for all.
    Cost – Starting from INR 5000.
  7. Mountain Biking
    Strength in adventure is a wonderful blend when one seeks for an activity worth remembering. Not so famous but a thrilling adventure sport in Dubai is Mountain biking. Biking on extreme mountain terrains is as thrilling as any other adventure and having stunning views of the city while rushing is an absolute delight. The activity is at its best right before sun rise as it reflects the city to be rising with the Sun. The adventure sport can be considered by any adventure enthusiast and activity runs throughout the year. Most popular adventure activities in Dubai
    Cost – Rent of the Bikes differ as per demand.
  8. Indoor Skydive
    Ever dreamt of taking a flight above the ground and felt as light as a feather. iFly Dubai offers that lifetime experience through its perfect blend of technology and minds. Even though the activity is an indoor simulator, it is capable enough to give you the chills of the Sky diving. Located in Mirdif City Center, the experience is really safe for everyone. Visit Dubai for its glory and head to the iFly Dubai to have an experience not less than diving into depths and the organisers ensure the element of joy throughout the duration.
    Cost – Starting from INR 4000.
  9. Sand Boarding
    Although a similar concept to Skiing, Sandboarding is exceptional knowing the fact it is done swiftly over sand dunes. It is indeed for nature to be so thrilling and Dubai is a perfect place to do this adventure, for its mesmerizing sand dunes and inclinations which are good to produce as much as momentum as one could ask for. Sandboarding is one of the extreme adventure sports and yet so safe to be experienced by anyone and be it beginners as well. The activity is alive throughout the year except for the time when nature takes a nasty turn in the region.
    Cost – Starting from INR 4000
  10. Hot Air Balloon
    Clearly an unusual experience while soaring above the ground, having a spectacular view of the golden sand dunes with remarkable infrastructure and of course, the never-ending Persian Gulf, and that too all at once. An adventure which could be experienced by all has finally be settling as one of the most popular adventure sports in Dubai. A relaxing yet thrilling experience is best to be done in the early morning when Sun is about to rise and the cool breeze is felt amazingly. Most popular adventure activities in Dubai
    Cost – Starting from INR 18000

Now that we’re done with the list of activities full of adventure, it’s probably time to decide the dates, pack your bags and all set to experience Dubai at its best. The costs mentioned above may differ due to festive seasons or if any discounts are being given, it’s best to explore online before you plan to leave and it might save you some extra money to spend on other adventures which are not listed in this list but definitely make their way ahead to be experienced once in a lifetime. Enjoy the most popular adventure activities in Dubai

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