Murder mystery, as the title suggests is not a mystery in any sense at all. But I guess we all knew that when we saw the cast. If looking for a light-hearted one-time watch movie this can be one of the options. The movie which is based on the book Murder on the orient express fails time and again to create the suspense and the nail-biting experience as the two protagonists seem as indifferent throughout the movie as one would be to the sun.

 Jenifer Aniston, who plays the role of Audrey spitz is a hairdresser and Adam Sandler, Nick Spitz, is a police officer who is lying to his wife about being a detective. The story starts from Adam taking Jenifer on a last moment Europe tour on the account of their 15th wedding anniversary. Jenifer somehow, on the flight, ends up meeting a viscount Charles Cavendish whom the couple then accompanies to a cruise party of his ex-girlfriend and uncles wedding. 


On the cruise they are introduced to 8 new character, the ex-girlfriend, Suzi, the son of cavendish’s uncle, Tobey, Vikram, a maharajah from India, a famous Hollywood actress, Grace Ballard , a proud f-1 racer, Colonel Charles Ulenga, his bodyguard, Sergei and last but not the least cavendish’s old uncle, Malcolm. All of them attend the party where the uncle whose fortune all of them are to inherit a part of decides to give it all to his wife/fiancé which is when after a blackout of some-time the uncle is found dead. Sandler, being the ‘detective’ takes charge and calls the police next day but ironically after the investigation the spitz couple is held as the prime suspect. This is when the spitzes start to do an investigation of their own to prove themselves innocent to the French detective who is in charge of the case. Through fights, drama, a little chase, some lame comedy and lot of murders the two are able to prove their innocence and go on a trip to Europe sponsored by the France police. During this whole fiasco of trying to prove themselves innocent, the movie starts to fall as the situations roll out to exactly like one cheesy mystery novel that Jenifer likes to read. None of them are fazed by the number of people dying around them and the final reveal just loses its appeal. The movie lacks suspense and what could’ve to turned out to become a phenomenal comedy or a mystery it just lacks intent.

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