20 amazing facts about NETFLIX

A common service, Netflix is very popular across the world. Do you know that “Netflix movies” is one of the most searched phrase across the globe? Why it is so popular? I have seen many people around me talking about it. Its something very interesting and addictive. Basically, it is a streaming material providing service which allows all its users to watch movies, shows etc.

  1. It is a company of US commenced in 1997 by two person in Scotts Valley located in California namely, Mr. Marc Randolph as well as Mr. Reed Hastings who is the Chief Executive officer of the organisation.

2. It was launched on April 14, as the  world’s first online DVD rental store. It has 30 employees and 925 titles available in its initiation.

3. Company’s basic service is to provide its users the service named OTT which offers access to films as well as television material along with specially curated Netflix Shows.

4. This service is present almost everywhere in the world except in some countries like China, North korea, Syria and Crimea because of some reasons.

5. This company has its offices in Brazil, Japan, India as well as South Korea.

6. Netflix is not the only company providing streaming service but it is the most dominating and popular among all. This is so due to the reason of sales of DVD and dealings service through mail provided by it. But, after one year of company’s starting, Hastings stopped this service so that he can focus on initial business of DVD rentals.

7. In 2007, company reduced DVD rental services in order to expand its business with launch of service of video or audio material sent in crimped form over the Internet and played instantly instead of saving in hard drive.

8. In 2010,the company expanded globally with its service present in Latin America, Canada and Caribbean.

9. With so much progress, Netflix entered content-assembling industry in the year 2012 and showed publicly its first program named Lilyhammer.

10. It has been observed that Netflix has contributed a lot in both television and film programs as manufacturer and allocater since 2010. Also its provides a lot of genuine content via its electronically library service.

11. According to research, Netflix services started in above 190 countries in January 2016. In same year, it released around 126 unique program and film. But, all their efforts of producing new and original content with saving the consent for extra material and variety via 190 countries resulted in afflicts billions in much debt.

12. In 2000, Netflix was relied on U.S. portal service for delivery of their dvds and it had only 300,000 subscribers. At that time they were losing money and Blockbuster offered it to get acquired in $50. But the offer was declined.

13. Randolph was retired from the company in 2004.

14. Around the same time, Netflix introduced a recommendation system on the basis of ratings and reviews from its users.

15. Also, Netflix which grew up due to DVD sales started going down from 2006 to 2011. Factor which was responsible for company’s online DVD rental success was that they could provide much larger selection of movies as compared to Blockbusters rental outlets.

16. Netflix had a key feature called Cinematch, brought out underrated movies. This was a feature through which not only it was benefited but also its viewers and studios which were considered as minor.

17. As you know, Netflix is easy to use and commercial free service.

18. Moreover, even if you want to subscribe to its service then the Netflix price range is also very affordable. It provides original programs.

19. Its users can download the content and watch it offline also.

20. We can choose a membership plan which is ideal for us. It is affordable and offers a fantastic experience. Thus, used widely.

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