Robotics Courses in India

Robots what are they ? An invention? or still a dream or imagination. Basically in simple language robots a kind of machine designed by humans can do all our work faster.

There are many different kinds of robots Humanoid robots, Pre-Programed robots and many more. when you talk about robotics according to me it has a great future.

According to international federation of robotics this domain is the fastest growing industrial domain. Annual global sale of robots is approx 16.5 billions USD. In India we added approx 4771 new robots. According to this quantity we are having a good scope in robotic engineering

Lets read in detail about some specialization in robotics :

1) Artificial intelligence– There are some machines which works like a human like problem solving and other works.

2) Signal process– Sound , image and scientific measurements are the things on which they work , modify or analysis.

3) computer aided manufacturing– It is a tool used in machines to manufacture different goods faster and without any error.

4) Digital electronics– This is a tool used in household machinery items to control current and voltage.

5) Microprocessor– It is a central processing unit of a machinery, digital electronic and microprocessor works together.

6) Medical robotics – Some of the machinery robots we use in hospitals for surgeries under a well trained human surgeon.

7) Automation– These kind of robots we use to reduce the quantity of human workers for fast work and saving our money.

8) Air traffic management system – To maintain the balance of planes landing, timing and etc. They guide the pilot for coming issues.

9) Micro robotics– Some of the robotic machines are very small in size less than 1mm they use them to rescue in human bodies.

10) Robot motion planning – The maps we use to reach one place to another are under surveillance of robot motion planning.

11) Biocybernetics– This is a great combination of neurology and multicellular system.

We can categorize robotic machines in 4 parts:

1) Industrial robots– They are the robotic machines which we use in factories to manufacture goods faster ,easier and error less.

2) Personal robots– The robots we use in our daily life to reduce our work load.

3) Medical robots– We use some robots in medical field for helping the surgeons they stay under the survillience of well trained surgeons.

4) Autonom robots– This kind of robots are specially designed to cleaning the gardens or other big places and save labour.

Now we talk about some Robotics courses:

1) Diploma in robotics-

Duration of this course is 4 years.
You need to do your 12th with science stream.
The types of jobs u can do after this course (Robotics Engineer, Technical Associate, Robotics Programmer, Supervisor/Engineer, Robotics Trainer, Sales & Marketing Engineer, Robotic Welding Engineer, Teacher & Lecturer, Robotics Installation Engineer, Production Engineer, Robot Operator)
Fees as per the university

2)Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Robotics Engineering-

Duration for this course is 3 years .
You need to do 12th with science stream.
The type of jobs you can do (Mining Engineer, Ceramic Engineer , Production Engineer , Robotics Engineer , Electronics & Communication Engineer , Lecturer/Professor, Software Develop , Product Manager , Construction Engineer, Telecommunication Engineer)
Fees as per the university.

3)Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Robotics-

Duration for this course is 4 years.
You need to pass 12th in science as stream.
The type of jobs you can do (Civil Engineer , Computer Science Engineer , Automobile Engineer , Mechanical Engineer , Chemical Engineer , Electrical Engineer , Electronics Engineer , Aeronautical Engineer , Marine Engineer , Aerospace Engineer)
Fees as per the university.

4) Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Robotics Engineering-

Duration of this course is 2 years.
You have to first clear your graduation with (BE/ atleast with 58% of marks and for (IIT/UPES) 60% of marks are required.
The type of jobs you can do (Robotics Engineer , Robotics Programmer , Aerospace Engineer , Bio-robotics Engineer, Robotic Welding Engineer, Automation Engineer , Lecturer/Professor)
Fees as per the university.

As per the demands of robots are increasing our career chances also getting higher.

More to come….

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