Serious Gender issue at the IITs unearthed

IIT’s are country’s highly prestigious engineering institute. For every engineering aspirant, IITs are none less than a body which should be worshiped. These IITs are 23 till now and spread all over the nation. This world of IITs is a dream of many, but true struggle starts with the entrance which needs to be cleared for securing your seat in one of these IITs.

JEE, Joint Entrance Exam, which needs a lot of hardwork, non stop hours of study, long coachings and few sleepless nights is all that it takes to clear the first step towards IITs.

With the time girls have shown keen interest in engineering course. And a number of women engineers who graduated from 3,000 institutions out of 14.75 lakh engineers is 29%. But when the same scenario is compared to that of our own IITs then the picture that comes in front of us is not the same.

38,705 candidates have qualified themselves to get admitted to these 23 IITs. Out of which the percentage of women is just 13.8% that is 5,356 candidates to be precise. From the last 14 years, the highest number of girls who could get themselves to the top 500 in the list is of 2018 which is 23 exact.

When we observe the factors behind such discovery, it is to be felt that these factors are not just some random reasons but actually are some social issues which are yet to be faced and cured by the society itself.

During the survey, the basic reason told by the coaching institutes is motivation. Motivation surely works as a fuel to the engine. But in Indian families there is a lack of such motivation to girls, while boys are motivated from an early part of life and it’s makes them more determined to their goals in comparison of girls aspirants. Motivation from our own family is a great force to inspire someone towards her aim.

Other factors contributing to these issues are related to the over concern and safety of girls. For these exams, girls have to join some rigorous coaching classes which are available in the market at really high prices. These classes are also continued this late in the evening. Also, some peopyhave to struggle with the long distance on daily basis.

In this scenario, most of the families do not want to spend a lot for their daughters. Even if they support their daughter with high fees, problem still continues to obstruct with unreliable PGs along with condition of transportation.

With this, majority of the families drop the idea of continuing the higher studies of their daughters. While other families prefer for girls to get admitted in local colleges.

After a number of efforts made by IITs to improve this gender ratio, results jump up from 8% to 16% by the ways of creating additional seats for female aspirants. It is important to continue with our efforts until we reach the goal of equal gender ratio if we don’t want to loose most of our female talent.

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