social media today and human being

Social Media Channels and It’s Different Use By Human Being

Social Media and Human Being

Social Media is a great medium to convey our message, thoughts and feelings to the people. We are all connected with one channel at least of it and using daily. Not only in India but also in the world every person use these channels more than print media, television and radio to extract information.  Every social media channel have its own importance and purpose of use.

Famous Social Media Channels



Facebook is one of the most using social media platforms in the world. In this media channel, you get to chat and group chatting, text and image post, you can create a group for group posting, you can promote your business by creating your business page. 



User uses Twitter for trending news and trending hash tags. This media channel has a limit on character length. You can write your thoughts short and crispy with hash tags. Hash tag synchronizes its related post. Although you can use it for business purpose. You can only follow each other in this channel. 




This social media channel purely comes in use for professionals and business people. The only way to add people connect option is available, you can chat with your connection. People promote here business, find jobs, etc.   




Instagram is image-based social media but most popular nowadays. You can share images with text and hash tags only, live video sharing and you can upload videos of 60 seconds duration. You can do a personal chat with users and you can send them Insta post shared links in personal chat. Web or any other link do not work here in this channel.  




Pinterest is an image-based social media channel and used by professionals. Basically used to get ideas for new image or work. There is no chat option in this channel. The only way to upload images is – create board first and then save images in that board. You can share your website link with an image. You can follow other’s board by your choice or ideas.




Today in fast time no one wants to read content, people only want to see short and crispy information in the form of video. So youtube is the most popular video channel. Here you can promote your business, ideas, information, live news, and other live channels like online gaming stream such as PUBG etc.

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