Top 10 cardiologists in Washington DC

Top 10 cardiologists in Washington DC

Top 10 cardiologists in Washington DC

Dr. Reza Sanai, MD, FACC
Dr Sanai has graduated with Honours in AOA from George Washington University. Cardiologistd visits are surely one of the most stressful for many of us, because the disease of heart is certainly is not a thing to be pleasured on. According to the reviews, patients feel that Dr. Sanai is an absolute Pro, respectful and courteous. Staff is also helpful. For the appreciation part, he has received many awards such as Washingtononion top doctor and Checkbook top doctor. You can contact the doctor at 16595 20054 or in office which is 900 17th Street Northwest, 1250.

Dr Harjit Chahal MD
Dr Harjit Chahal completed her degree from the medical college of Amritsar, India. But now, she is working at Medstar health cardiology associates in Washington DC. She basically focuses on preventative Healthcare and treats patients in a structural manner. She is a compassionate practitioner. For the reviews, patients claim her to be amazing. They say that doctor is friendly, warm, caring and informative and that is everything that anyone will look for in a great doctor. You can call or visit her at 17203 7 3 1 3 7 9 or 1 1 3 3 21st St. NW, building 2.

Dr Catherine Bennett MD
She is a highly knowledgeable cardiologist who is serving the people of Chevy chase, MD and Washington DC. Dr Benett earned her medical degree from Johns Hopkins University. She is also certified by the American Board of internal medicine. Dr. Catherine attends patients with hypertension, congenital heart issues, chest pain, aortic valve disease, ventricular tachycardia and a very wide range of other issues. She is well known m for understanding first all the symptoms and then ensuring the proper health of patient , now and now onward. Doctor has also got a certificate from American Board of internal medicine. You can contact the cardiologist at 134 6543 469 or at her office which is at 917 street Northwest, 1250 Washington DC.

Dr Benjamin Lee MD
At the Medstar health cardiology Associates, 1133 21st St. NW, building 2 in Washington DC.. Dr. Benjamin Lee is an outstanding doctor. He is a senior attending physician, vice president of the medical and Dental staff and Vice chair of the performance improvement. With the expertise and experience comes fame.. This is the fame ofb doctor Benjamin that he has been recognised by a large number of magazines as well as awards. So ,he is a really good choice for you to trust with your health.

Dr Michaes Zemedkun MD
Dr. Michaes Zemedkun is a trusted cardiologist among Top 10 cardiologists in Washington DC , who has been serving the community of Washington DC since so long. He can be found in 1133 21st St. NW , Suite 700 . He has also done his advanced training in echocardiography and structural diseases related to heart. Doctlr Zemedkun is also a board certified cardiologist by the American Board of internal medicine and National board of echocardiography. Reviews say that patients like to visit doctors Zemedkun at the time of any heart issues and he is a compassionate, humble and very pleasant person. The staff is said to be very Cooperative as well. You can call him for any further information at 1740 5077 89.

Dr Michael Lee MD
Dr Michael Lee is a diligent and mindful cardiologist. He received his medical degree from the University of Maryland. He has been certified by the board in cardiovascular diseases and interventional cardiology by none other than the American Board of internal medicine. Patients say the doctor Lee is a good listener and after listening carefully, he uses his skills to improve the health of his patient lifelong. He is an awesome cardiologist and his patients recommend him highly. You can contact him at 172001 4749 or in his office which is at 1133 21st St. Northwest, building 2.

Dr Bernard Wagman MD
Dr Bernard is a quiet caring and very talented cardiologist, who is in the service of people of Washington DC. The advantage is that patients from different backgrounds take the services of doctor Bernard because of his well proficiency in English as well as in Spanish. Another special thing that needs to be highlighted is that he keeps special interest in sports related cardiac symptoms, which increases the range of patients for him and all the patients no matter what disease they are seeking advice or treatment for; equally like him. You can contact him at 16997 16225 or at 106 Irving St NorthWest, suite 4800 N which is his office.

Dr Jack flyer MD
Dr flyer graduated in doctorate in medicine from the Columbia University in North Carolina. He has been practicing cardiology since 1997. One of the top 10 cardiologists in Washington DC, he uses the catheter based Technology for the treatment of his patientsa. Although he practices general cardiology but he is also known to have expertise in echo-cardiography and nuclear cardiology. Patients say that staff is so supportive and doctor flyer is very attentive as well as quick. He also replies to the mails of the patients which is quite fascinating. Patients also say that doctor is a very professional person in his work.

Dr Robert Marshall MD
He received the Irwin Lepow student research award in appreciation for his efforts in the case Western School of Medicine. Dr. Robert is the current director of interventional cardiology of Washington centre in Maryland. He has been affiliated with many hospitals including Holy Cross Hospital, the George Washington university hospital and Washington country hospital.
Respected doctor has a professional membership of American College of cardiology. You can contact him at 10533 65189 . He is also highly recommended by his patients.

Dr Pradeep Srivastava MD
Dr Pradeep Srivastava is famous as a highly dedicated and diligent cardiologist, who is now based in Washington DC. He got his medical degree from an Indian college, after which is shifted to USA. Dr. is a specialised cardiovascular vetetan. the special thing is that Dr Pradeep believes in serving humankind unintentionally. He has a special place for those, who cannot afford the finance needed to see a cardiologist and help them whole heartedly. Patients say that he is a very sensitive and professional person and another quality of him liked among his patients is that he does not Rush …and is very patient. Also explains the problem in easy words. He can be contacted at 1265 500 748.

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