Top 10 dentists of New York

Top 10 dentists of New York

Top 10 dentists of New York

How to find a good dentist in nyc? Well this question has now the answers , a lot of answers here in the list provided below:-

1. Stein Berg Dr Matthews

As per the words of the doctor in the clinic, they give their best to ensure that everybody who visits here is comfortable. This place is also open for children. The specialisation is that they understand your insurance and then works in a planned way so as to maximise benefits for you. For the part where experience of the patients matters, they claim that the removal of damaged Crown, good quality filing, getting a new crown, root canal and even getting a new false teeth is the best they could get from anywhere. Others say that the staff is very friendly and experienced too. These are the reasons why doctor Sternberg has been their family dentist since so long. 

2. koeppel Dental Group

The dentist at this clinic is a graduate of Georgetown Dental School from 1984. Which means that the doctor is not just some doctor but the experienced dentist, who has been known for spreading smiles throughout all these years of practicing. You can find the best dentist nyc new york magazine comparable to the experience of Koeppel dental group. Along with spreading Smiles, dentists have been enhancing their patients lives with their talents and capabilities. Patients call their dentist ‘the Perfectionist’. Specialisation is that he gives Free consultancy to his first time patients. For the People’s personal opinion, they have been coming here since the first time of their visits. Another thing that fascinates people are modern facility, helpful staff, quality of work, value of cost. High recommendations to this clinic.

3. Seidneir Dentistry and Associates

They commit and fulfill the extraordinary, High Quality Services to all the patients in an environment which they feel comfortable with. The whole team is compassionate about their work. Always graded high in dentist reviews nyc, they are the one to trust upon. They believe in ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of the patient. Speciality is that they provide complementary nitrous oxide which is worth $100 of value. Also, the clinic is known to be the best in terms of people reviews. Be it the insurance problem, time availability, staff Co-operation, professionalism, knowledge; the place for everything has been ranked of A grade by the patients.

4. Upper East Dentists

Situated at the 175 East 79th Street, Suite 1B, New York..this clinic / office is totally focused on giving the best compassionate and personalized care for the patients. Appointments can be in any terms, like it can be of normal routine hygiene or it can also be for a whole smile makeover. Be it any purpose related to dental facility, the professionals here are to give you the best of Endodontics, periodental therapy, dental implants etc. Specialisations are- cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening, porceilain nemeers, Botox (a filling) etc. Dr. Irina Starik is a graduate from the University of medicine and dentistry of New Jersey. Find other best dentist midtown nyc by reading further

5. Lawrence Spindle DDS

Situated at the 30 East, 40th Street Suite 604, New York. This dental clinic has the five star rating. The team is made of Dentists who have gone under highly extensive Training and seminars as well so as to gain the better qualities. This is important for providing the patients, the best of what they can get. Doctors here believe in listening more than anything. They first hear and understand your grievances and the and then give you the best advice possible. And the last decision is made by you as of what option do you want to go for.

6. NYC Dental Care

The dental clinic, NYC Dental Care situated in 216 east, 39 Street ,Suite one is run by doctor Dana Kapparova, who is known widely for the comprehensive dental services including bonding, cosmetic contouring, implants and cosmetic fillings. Dr Dana Kapparova is the new owner of the place which shows that she is highly experienced and well deserving, because NYC dental clinic only employees the experienced and qualified professionals. It is the general family dentistry, which offers the latest technologies in all the three types of dentistries that are preventive, restorative, cosmetic.

7. Andrew Levy’s Practice

At the 77E 12th Street ,Suite PSI, Andrew levy is such a great cosmetic dentist of New York. Dentist is known to spread the most beautiful smiles that are possible to every individual. He started practicing at the North Shore University Hospital as a volunteer. He provides the comprehensive dental care including Endodontics, periodental therapy, bone grafting and also emergency treatment at any moment of the day whenever it’s needed. Otherwise, the clinic is open from Monday to Saturday with the 4.5 star rating.

8. Meena Kumar DDS

Since 2015, till now Dr. Nina B Kumar, a DDS is wanted by her patints the most in New York city . Doctor Kumar’s clinic is on 35 East 35th Street Suite 1k. She is a proud dentist who has an experience in various kinds of dental cases and now she can call her self the well- rounded clinician. As per the opinion of Dr Kumar herself ,she thinks that the preventative dentistry is most helpful as well as effective when it comes to the good quality treatment for heart patients. Clinic provides a very relaxed environment for patients. She is called the best dentist in new york by her satisfied patients

9. Jonathan Freed DDS,PC

New York Dentist Doctor Jonathan freed has her Clinic at 315 Madison avenue, suite 509. She focuses on all the three dentistry preventive ,restorative and cosmetic dentistry so as to ensure every single patients optimal oral health. So that ,every time the patients smile beautifully.. it reminds name of Doctor Freed. This clinic in New York has modern facilities with a very comfortable environment. As for any New York person, Doctor Freed is the most trusted and known name.

10. Doctor Rafaelina F Rodriguez DDS

At the 304 west 109th street, New York, Dr. Rafaelina is the name which comes with an experience of 30 years under the belt in dentistry. Along with her passion towards work and tge comfortable environment at the clinic, our dentist is also famous for her kindness and compassionate care. Due to her excellent and humble behavior conplemented with her skills and the results that she brings out in the life of her patients; the reviews have the most outstanding level. For any further enquiry or making appointments feel free to call at 212 663 4300.

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