Top 10 Habits of Highly Successful people.

So what makes a person successful and differentiate between himself and average and below average people. The one word that answers the above question is Habit. It has been rightly said that first man makes the habits,and then habits makes the man.It has to be a hit and trial method. What suits one may not be suitable for the other.You have to consistently be trying new things till you get your own set of habits. But there are some habits common to all highly successful people which you can be put as follows.

  1. RISES EARLY.(Belongs to 5AM club) The high achievers and highly successful people are generally early risers and belong to 5 AM club.Day after day, they are waking early and beating the world at the first step of the day itself. They clearly believe in the ancient idiom,”Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”Early risers finish their daily chores and push off to the office they are at their office by 9 AM. No matter at what stage of the life you are and what you are planning to do, just waking up early and be a part of the 5 AM club will give you time to spare a thought and manage your thoughts.

2. Fitness Freak. They follow the old idiom,”Healthy mind in a Healthy body” in letter and spirit. They have a fitness regime that they follow very religiously.Because they know fully well that they can work only till their body allows them to do so. They are not too demanding on their bodies. They work till their body signals them to rest and they obey it immediately.So have A fitness regime and you will see how your thoughts are also managed and more ideas come to your mind.So, it is always better to have a fitness regime, but don’t overdo. It will show as wear and tear on your body,and ultimately it will act as a brake in your life, because excess of everything is bad.

3. Healthy Diet. They believe in the old idiom,”You are what you eat”. They follow a strict diet chart and don’t go here and there. Means fast food like Pizza,Burger are a  strict no no for them.Also you won’t see them drinking cold drinks and soft drinks. For them Water is the best drink available on the planet. Even if they have to take it once in a blue moon, they take it in moderation. They take natural and uncooked foods more and strictly follow a diet chart.

4. Don’t go to the Parties.  Successful persons don’t go to the parties. Even if they have to go, they just go to mark their attendance and leave. As Swami Vivekananda has rightly said that,”Don’t ever go to the place of entertainment.” The reason behind this is hat your focus gets shifted and you have to start it all over again. You would not see them in the parties thrown in the city round the year. Even if they have to go, they attend only business meets. For other parties they just go to put in their attendance.

5. No Idiot box for them.  They don’t watch TV at all, because they know that once they sit down watching TV, 2-3 hours of their time would go in drain. It is not as if they don’t watch Television at all.  But instead, they have chosen their programmes which they want to view, and that is that. And that is usually only one programme  of 15-20 min a day. And in that 15-20 minutes,they are  able to grab the essence of the whole programme.

6. Read a lot. These people general read a lot. In spite of their heavy and busy schedule, they took some time out to read. It is a common fact and well known one that once you are down with routine things, seems to have reached a dead end, and nothing new to do, just pick up a  book and start reading. At first, you would not be able to concentrate, because your mind is preoccupied with certain thoughts. But once you take hold of a book and start reading, you will find a new you. You, who is enjoying himself, a new you who is constantly getting new ideas to surge ahead and getting out of the dead end, he sees himself in.

7. Loves Music. In fact, this is a continuation off the point no. 5. If a person is not watching the idiot box, what he is doing to recreate himself. Music, my dear friend,Music. Music is thousand times better as a recreateational activity than the idiot box. Because while watching Television, you are giving and while listening Music you are taking in. So whenever you are feeling doing and out and wants to recharge your batteries , instead of sitting in front of the Idiot Box, just switch on the music and see the magic.

8.Family First.  If you look at the history of all the successful persons, they all have a family first policy.Catering to their needs,spending time with them are two of the many points they strictly adhere to. For them, family is a springboard from where they can take a leap into the outside world and conquer it.

9.Networking and team building. Successful people believe in Networking and team building.With markets opening up and competition going up and up, they understand the importance of team building and networking.A person can’t be at more than one place at a time, and you have to be on your toes all the time and also needs people whom you can trust and fall upon. And for this very reason, they network and build teams.

10. Passive Income.Successful persons fully understand the importance of passive income.They know fully well that productive years of a person are limited and they can earn only when they are working. After they retire, though income may not remain there, but expenses will. And it will not remain stagnant over the years.And with the life expectancy of the person going up and medical  expenses and other expenses going up,they create a passive income  at the very start  of their career so that when they retire money keeps coming in.

So friends, if you want to be successful, just follow the above points step by step and see your life change for the better.

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