Top 10 Pediatricians in Seattle

Top 10 Pediatricians in Seattle

Top 10 Pediatricians in Seattle
From the moment of realization of your baby to the times he or she is in his mid or late teens, the thing that keeps every parents concerned is the right choice of pediatrician that they should refer to ? Will he be able to give the proper care to your child ? Shall the advise to be fulfilled and a tonnes of other such questions.

But what exactly do pediatricians do?

These doctors see your child many times since they are born to ensure their proper growth. These are usually general visits. After a few years of birth.. these visits may turn into annual visits. Also these are the first people who comes to your mind whenever your child gets sick. They are required to give your child with needed vaccination, treatment of illness, infection; provide nutrition, safety and to ensure his proper growth and development. So, here we are to give you the best pediatricians of Seattle, to help you trust your decisions and give you the assurance of best advice for your child in Seattle from north Seattle pediatrics.

1. Lake shore clinic bothell
This clinic serving people since 1946 and the staff here ensures that the patient gets best care possible. Staff is very dedicated and supportive. They also provide in-house lab and x-ray services. Lake shore clinic is counted among the best pediatrician because they provide services like co-ordination with specialist, medications, early detection of disease and regular interaction with patients who have chronic diseases. according to the patients who have been here, Lake shore clinic is the place where they can get easy appointment and staff is very friendly and cooperative about giving the relevant information. A great addtion to the list of Top 10 Pediatricians in Seattle.
2. The Polyclinic
Polyclinic is situated in Seattle since 1917. the best thing about this clinic as that patients are being put first here. This difference you can feel the moment you walk into the clinic. This clinic is set up in 14 different locations. the experiences of the people who visited here were very good. They said staff is good and very active and sending reminders of appointment etc.

3. Mill Creek family practice
This clinic was set up in 1983 and has resolved many problems of the patients till date. millcreek is here to provide you and your family a complete health care whether it is for an acute illness or some major disease. The best part is that doctors are available here in evening as well as on weekends. no one have to handle pain and wait for the week days to get it cure. the doctors are very well informed understanding and professional.

4. allegro Pediatrics
Allegro pediatrics is serving the east side since 1967. The aim of this clinic is to provide excellent medical care to children, infants and adolescence. Allegro pediatrics has eight providers at eight different locations. These provide personalized care for your child at every visit. According to the review of people visited here doctors are very patient, listens without any Rush, ready to solve the every possible problem of a patient and really good with children.

5. Pacific Medical Centre
At Pacific Medical Centre, there are more than 150 care providers committed to providing the highest level of Healthcare. Along with pediatric, they provide you the internal medicine to cardiology, laser vision correction, women’s health and more. They have the philosophy of healthy patient. according to the reviews of patience, staff is very up to date and supportive. It is easy to get the appointment and get the tests done, treatment immediately etc. It is indeed counted as a renowned pediatric clinic Seattle people can vouch for. One of the most favorite among the Top 10 Pediatricians in Seattle.

6. Virginia Mason sandpoint Pediatrics
It has just moved into a new facility of Pediatrics. Virginia Mason is a training pediatric clinic so that they bring in young doctors and train them. as a famous quote, the validity of any institution can be judged by the number of years the staff has been working there. for that department, the doctors who once start working here are known to stay here Forever and Always. the staff, the facilities, the environment, everything is known to be the best. This is the place that the children and other family members like equally. When ever you are searching for best pediatrician near me, this clinic should be on your visit list.

7. Gary B spector, MD
situated at 904 7th Avenue, this Polyclinic is here since 1973. this clinic focuses on the preventive and therapeutic care from birth till the teens. specializations are newborn care, allergies, asthma, opacity, liquid, ear and abdominal disorders, vaccination and everything that you can need for your child. you can contact here at 206 292 2249. some others specially expertise is in human influenza, neonatology which is newborn medicine and adolescent medicine. 

8. Thomas E Numrych, MD, phd, FAAP
With a current five star rating this Virginia Mason Medical Centre has been serving people since 1994 . One can find this clinic on 2671 North East 46th street. it is well known for its past performance in sports medicine, immunization and vaccination. another good thing is that they also keep insurance managed and try to make the most of the benefits for you. Virginia Mason Medical Centre deals with Austin, anaemia, newborn care, weight loss management, sports and school physical, hearing vision screening etc. it can be contacted at 206 525 8000. A must visit for pediatric health care as it is indeed among the Top 10 Pediatricians in Seattle

9. Rebecca M Cronin MD, FAAP, CLE
904, 7th Avenue, Seattle is the place known for one of the best paediatric advice since 2004. The doctor has special interest in adolscent help and preventive behavioral health. the speciality is that here these provides the comprehensive care for children of all ages. other deals are urinary test, newborn care, prenatal consultation, travel consultation, Sick visits etc. insurances are also accepted here. for more details contact the Polyclinic at 206 292 2249.

10 Bastyr Dispensary
situated at the 3670 stone way North Seattle, bastyr dispensary is a widely spread name when it comes to either pediatrician or any other concerns. this place is best in terms of everything that could possibly be considered. it’s not a conventional pharmacy but when it comes to services comma every patient who goes there. forget their problems completely. You can contact here at 206 834 4114. 

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