best perfumes for men

Top 10 perfumes for Men

Top 10 perfumes for Men – A man could be voguish in terms of clothes, might have his hair done right or even possess a carved body – but frequent times, the most trivialized portion of a man’s personality is the fragrance he is wearing. Since it’s incredibly personal decision for a man, a masculine fragrance reflects the charisma of the gentleman wearing it. Although it takes time for a man to find a right scent for his body, once found, it is an accessory that goes a long way in defining the personality of the person carrying it effectively.

One of the major concerns of most men in regards to perfumes is that they do not last long. Here, all what matters is our understanding about the concentration of pure perfume oil in the bottle. Are you looking for best mens patchouli fragrance? See the list a little below for the most exotic perfumes to drive your mind crazy.
The most common terms as coined for the concentration are listed below as per their level from strongest to weakest.

Most common terms used to denote the potency of the Perfumes

  1. Parfum (Perfume) – Contains 15-40% perfume oils. Also the most expensive and strongest concentrated of all fragrance options. A single application can last an entire day.
  2. Eau De Parfum (EdP) – Contains 10-20% perfume oils. Sometimes called “Millesime”. And the strength is typically sold as “Perfume”.
  3. Eau De Toilette (EdT) – Contains 5-15% perfume oils. Lighter than EdP and most common strength sold in men’s fragrance.
  4. Eau De Cologne (Cologne) – Contains 3-8% perfume oils. A generic term used in reference to Masculine scents. Usually lasts for the shortest span.

Now when we are done with an understanding on how scents actually work as per level of concentration, there are other factors involved and to be considered when choosing a right scent and interestingly, major of which are situations, season and temperature.

Let’s check out the Top Rated picks of the Best Perfumes for men.

8 Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense

Best mens floral fragrances , it is a bit citrus & fruity giving smooth & pleasant vibes. It’s very nicely blended so you will love its amazing smell. Most suited for the summers as well as during Spring and fall season
Price – Around INR 23000 for 100ml content.
Suggested Tip – A safer option to wear if in doubt of any occasion.

7 Creed Aventus

Superstar in the fragrance community and by all means. Gives a soothing and fruity masculine scent. Very uniquely smelling, but mass appealing. The aroma is a mixture of woody musk with pineapple & apple with a tinge of blackcurrent in it. Lasts for hours. Best cologne for 60 year old man and a heavy weight champion in top 10 perfumes for Men
Price – Around INR 35000 for 100ml content.
Suggested Tip – Wear it during Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Day or Night.

6 Aqua Di Gio Profumo – Giorgio Armani

This has hints of the original Acqua di Gio but it is more sober and the lasting power is much longer. Gives you a feel of misty ocean breeze with fresh fruit essence and carrying a little woody & smoky note. Best oud perfume for men
Price – Around INR 14000 for 125ml content.
Suggested Tip – All seasons, all occasions and Super Versatile. Better suited for summer evenings than summer days.

5 Versace Eros

Though it is not best perfume in india for ladies but it’s their first choice for gifting their male partners. Currently the best clubbing cologne on the market. More suited for youth as stands perfect for dates, clubs, casual outings. Smells like fresh apple with a minty vibe mixed with a creamy sweet Woody backbone.
Price – Around INR 7000 for 100ml content.
Suggested Tip – Best suited for nights in cooler seasons. Lasts for hours and a compliment driver.!

4 Bvlgari Man in Black

Since its launch in 2010, this perfume has managed to stand out and become favourite to many. A crisp combination of leather tones with natural spices make it great for a more formal dress style. Quite seductive being at lower price range. Mid range hero among the top 10 perfumes for Men
Price – Around INR 7000 for 100ml content.
Suggested Tip – Add it to the collection and gain extra points for no moves while you’re out.

3 Nautica Voyage

best mens cologne of all time ,it unfolds the cooling sensation of crisp fruits with a base of wood blend of cedar, musk, moss, and amber add more to the masculinity. A casual fragrance designed for men that prefer to let loose and have more fun in the sun.
Price – Around INR 2300 for 100ml content.
Suggested Tip – Much deserving cologne for men being conventionally priced. Wear it throughout summers & spring and make yourself all-the-way appealing.

2 Christian Dior Dior Homme Intense

Exceptionally good match to a stylish look with contents reflecting masculinity because its concentration is deep and the blend is obtained through subtle hints of ambrette seeds, iris, vetiver and cedar. Reveals a woody scent with mild presence of crisp fruit. It is best perfumes for men with price range not too high not too low.
Price – Around INR 15000 for 100 ml content.
Suggested Tip – A real game changer. Own it and leave an impact wherever you go.

1 Prada – L’homme Prada

Best perfume for men 2018 , remarkably a master piece. Prada carries a class of its own by offering a scent of luxury. Topping the list, Prada has its own line up of versions, amidst “Eau de Toilette” owns everything. The concentration is a powerful blend of high-quality ingredients and smells super unique.
Price – Around INR 5000 for 100ml content.
Suggested Tip – Safe option and blends perfectly with formal suits because a clean smelling scent will definitely get you compliments worth every penny spent.

We’ve made our choices clear and now, it’s over to you…
Decide it.. Learn it.. Expose it.. Do whatever it takes to get yourself a scent worth reflecting your personality.

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