Top 10 psychiatrists in Miami

Top 10 psychiatrists in Miami

Top 10 psychiatrists in Miami

Dr Arthur Bregman MD
Dr Arthur Bregman has been practicing psychiatry for 40 years in Florida. He got his medical degree from the New York Medical College in 1974. He is a bilateral psychiatrist who is proficient in English as well as in Spanish. His achievement stated – Dr Arthur was at the position of chief psychiatrists for 10 years in Miami children’s hospital. Recently, he was made the leader for the Bregman medical group in Coral gables. You can contact him at 15 3810 2397 or at his office by the name of Bragman Medical Group in 1550 Madruga Ave, suit 406. He is the best psychiatrist near me and one of the most experienced in his profession.

Dr Flavia Van Reil MD
Dr. Flavia is known to be a dedicated psychiatrist in the service of people of Miami. She is also bilateral and speak English and Spanish. She got her certification from American Board of psychiatry and neurology, although she got her medical degree from A Spanish University in Argentina that is University De Buenos Aires Faculted De Medicina. Patients are satisfied for the services of bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, Alzheimer’s and many others. Also look for psychiatrist miami beach. She is also famous for her relationship and marriage counseling along with psychiatrists advise. You can contact her at 13765 44791 or at her office Miami Psychiatry – 975 Arthur Godfrey Road, Suite 301.

Dr Neelam Varshney
Dr Varshney was originally based in Sikkim, India and earned her medical degree from there only from  The Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College. She is certified by the board in general psychiatry, addiction medicine and forensic psychiatry. Her research patterns show that she has an interest in women’s health, informed consent, emergency psychiatry, risk assessment etc. Her patients say that she is very professional and efficient with the patients time. Her patients find her very polite and respectful. Her language proficiency is in English, Hindi and Nepali. You can contact her at  182125 8500. Her office address is Varshney Associates at 1688 Meridian Ave Miami Beach.

Dr Juan Carlas Paredes,MD
Dr Juan is highly experienced in his field and has been practicing for more than 20 years at Mount Sinai Medical Centre, Miami Beach. According to the doctor himself, he wanted to use his knowledge in emotional balance, good health, peace, total well being for the whole community.. and he has been accomplishing his  wish since then. Excellent psychiatrist in south miami. Dr Juane has his expertise in psychopharmacology, neuropsychiatry, memory and sleep disorders, anxiety, stress management, depression, smoking and others. You can contact him at 12 9575 9280 or at his office location that is Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry at South beach 4308 Alton Road, Suite 420.

Dr.Noam Koenigsnerg MD
So as to treat all the kind of psychiatric issues doctor Noam has been trained in both the medication management and talk therapy. Reviews say that doctor is very informative and attentive towards the problems of patients and gives the great advice making. Making an appointment is quick and almost with zero waste time. Patients like seeing Dr. Noam  getting solution to all their problems. He is  licensed in Florida and also board certified by the American Board of psychiatry and neurology. He has an expertise in wide range of psychiatry like detoxification and Rehabilitation. He has an experience working with all the age group of patients. You can contact him at 17001 97605 or at his office- Noam Koenigsberg  960 Arthur Godfrey Road, Suite 410, Miami Beach.

Dr. Vernon Dorfman MD
Dr Dorfman has a specialisation in a ADD/ ADHD, sleep disorders, Anger Management, depression, anxiety and other medications. Reviews say that he is a very warm, friendly, knowledgeable, beneficial as well as a professional person. And the patient seeking advice on anxiety are highly recommended to him. He also arranges seminars and  teleconferences on comprehensive psychiatry  psychopharmacology. You can contact him at 13 9686 1844 or at his office address 3475, Sheridan St., suits MD. Psychiatrist coral gables

Dr Mencia Gomez De Vargas,MD
Dr Mencia is a psychiatrist serving in Hollywood, Florida. She got her medical certification from the Universidad Autonoma De Santo Domingo. Now, she has completed more than 12 years of practicing in psychiatry. Montefiore Medical Centre has a team of 101 best psychiatrists doctors out of which…doctor Gomez is one. She is famous for giving hope. She can speak English and Spanish. You can contact her at 12858 91754 or at her office which is by the name Mencia Gomez at 1946 Tyler Saint, Suite 14, Hollywood. Best for anxiety treatment miami

Dr Anna Binder MDDr Anna is an esteemed diplomat and a Board certified psychiatrist. She has been trained in adult as well as in child and adolescent psychiatry. She says that her goal is to optimise overall health of a patient. Reviews say that she is quite thoughtful and gives a comprehensive assessment to discuss the medication and the support needed as in order to bring the change. She plans the best and the most effective treatment course for her patients. She has a speciality in child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy as well. You can contact her at 100 39520 294 or visit her at 1750 N University Drive, Suite 202, Coral Springs.

Dr  Hernan Pabon MD
Dr. Hernan is a very skilled psychiatrist who got his degree from the Medical College of Columbia, Universidad Industrial De Santander Escuela De Medicina in 2001. As per the theory of doctor Hernan, he believes that every unique problem has an achievable solution. Patients with sleep disorders, worry, depression, Autism and past traumatic stress disorders can see him. He is quite compassionate, who emphasizes on the comfort and quick recovery of his patients. You can contact him at 16 6968 3751 or visit him at 9010 SW, 137th Ave, Suite 111, Miami. psychiatrist miami kendall

Dr Padam Bhatia MD
Graduated from the Thomas Jefferson University in medicine, now he is a board certified psychiatrists. The quality that brings patients to him is the calm personna and caring behaviour. Patients say that he is a good listener and encourages the patients to feel better after discussing all the issues that were drowning them. He treats the patients with OCD, Autism, Post-partum disorders, alcoholism and fears or phobias. You can contact him at 146 7746 198 or visit him at Elevate Psychiatry on 175 SW, 7th St. Suite 2108, Miami. elevate psychiatry

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