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Top 10 Restaurants in New York, USA

One the world’s largest travel goals to visit New York city. Being the most popular city of USA it doesn’t need any introduction and is recognized by even every single kid by name only. 

Actually visiting city is none less than living the dream of life. Not just theory but also stats prove it with a record of 60 million annual tourists entering their city of dreams i.e. New York city. 

With a large number of activities, visiting tourist places, famous landmarks from history, a very vast culture, galleries, entertainment stores, food and what not it has something for everyone even those with some  distinct taste or hobby. 

How much may be the level of deviation in taste so of people but the only thing that is common in every one’s list which they can not say no to and that is our favorite taste of tongue – the food. 

So, if your are also planning to visit New York city with your family, friends are only loved one; make sure to give them the best experience of their lives by showing them the best taste of what city has to offer. For this only reason, we are here to solve your problem by letting you know the top 10 places in the city where from you can get your dream experience and taste as well. 

Top 1- Piccola Cucina Osteria 
At the spring st soho of new york, is a very charming restaurant with the most outstanding outdoor seating which also provides you with the options like vegetarian only, vegan options and gluten free option as well. The most lavish dishes from variety of cuisines like Italian, Mediterranean, Sicilian and southern Italian. 

Top 2- Cafe Clunny 
You can find this cafe near the meeting point of 4th and 12th streets in West Village. The food is of the most hygienic quality. You may find it somewhere like into some rabbit hole, but the friendly feeling you will get here on your first visit itself is epic. Waiters there will never let you feel isolated from people already present and will be always up for a chat. As far the experience of people is concerned, what they have like the most is Risotte. It is also a perfect place for weekend hang out as cocktails are easily available nearby. You can contact them at +121 22556900.

Top 3- Prune
May be not as huge as your expectations could be but it is an adorable little food place with an actual view of your food being cooked in the kitchen, they make you feel like a guest in their little house. The only difference is that you have to pay for their best services. For decoration part, the lining of mirrors on the wall is the most eye catching. My favorites for this place includes everything but the special place in my heart will always be occupied by desserts as honeycomb, ice cream etc. After a tiring day, with the right person along, you can have your most relaxing and peaceful time here at this place. 

Top 4- The Bombay Bread Bar
The name makes a special feeling of belongingness in the heart of a person who knows India for its famous city Bombay which is now a days popular as Mumbai. Well , this place is full of beautiful, eye catching designs that anyone would love. Kris Moran is always appreciated for his contribution which is loved by everybody who visits the place. The color of the walls makes the whole environment pinkish and green as the tasty food accompanies. It’s on the spring street itself. You can also contact at +121 22351098.

Top 5- Rosie’s
At the local East Village the Rosie’s if in your bucket list will give you immense amount of satisfaction with a quantity, quality, taste, presentation and everything being perfect in its own way. It is not a place where from one or two dishes can be suggested. The best things covers the whole of the menu. If you have small appetite then may be you are missing a lot of fun of life in terms of variety and taste in a single go. You can contact there at +121 23350114 or physically visit at 29 East 2nd Street. 

Top 6- Roberta’s
The vibes that you may not get at any other place in New York City, You can get here at Roberta’s. This pizza joint has a beautiful outdoor sitting space where you could also enjoy some drinks with your friends and spend the evening well. The best is the pie you would not want to share no matter whosoever it is. The place can be visited at 261 Moore Street and +171 84171118.

Top 7- Misi
The owner of the place Missy Robbins is the all new Pasta queen of the city, living in 329 Kent Avenue. There is a large variety to order from. You can get here everything from spinach, tortelly stuffed with mascorpone, strangozzi, sea beans, saffron and everything that comes from everywhere. Can be contacted at +347 5663262.

Top 8- Hangawii 
The restaurant situated at 12 East 32nd street is a pure vegetarian, Korean smack, whose services can be availed to make one’s new york experience more lavish. The difference from other restaurants is that you cannot enter inside with your shoes on. It is not like some Hindu temples but because inside are whole cushion seats all around the low eating tables. Contact can be established on +121 22130077.

Top 9- Ticcola Cucina 
If you are aware of the lifestyle and trends prevailing outside, you will realize that to get a pasta at just 10 dollars is next to impossible there. But in an attempt of making it happen, our Ticcola Cucina is offering 10 dollar pasta lunches everyday. Also one of the favorite sports for night parties. At 184 Prince Street, the contact number is +121 26253200.

Top 10- St.Tropez
At 304 West 4th Street of New York, this restaurant has round wooden tables with people always full. And in the envy of golden lights, it feels so peaceful. St. Tropez can be contacted at +191 73883893.

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