Top 10 restaurants of Los Angeles

If most American cities are about the consumption of culture, Los Angeles and New York are about the production of culture not only national culture but global culture.”                      – Barbara Kruger

As the Los Angeles is said, what comes in our mind is culture, ethnicity, Hollywood, metropolis and its Mediterranean climate. It is simply the city of Angeles as the name suggests, Los Angeles in Spanish means angels. Another name for the popularity of the LA is the city of flowers and sunshine. 

In the whole USA, Los Angeles is known for its most influencing dining. Talking about past, there are number of dishes immented in LA, which have now become most  iconic and popular in the whole world. 

Top 1- Catch LA
Situated at the 8715 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, this place is the most popular for its sea food chain of restaurants. You can find this chain in new york, dubai, LA, Mexico and Playa del Carmen. You get a variety of menus here just like signature cold, raw bar, cold, rolled, hat, signature vegan etc. If you like a space which is somewhere in between of indoor and outdoor view then you should prefer going upstairs. It will give you the vibe of Pacific design center. It can be contacted at 323-347-6060.

Top 2 – Spago
On the 176 N Canon Dr Baverly Hills, Spago is known as the jewel of Wolfgang Pluck’s precious crown. It was started in west Hollywood in 1982 and since tgen it is consistent with its flavors, taste, deliciousness and innovation.The chef is basically tryong to create a perfect fusion of many cities ethnic foods- Japanese, Italian, Chinese, French, Mexican. The best of the menus which I personally loved are pizza with salmon, Tuna Tartre, Agnolotti and the very huge Grilled Gveal Chop. Many stars are known to be frequently visiting there. It can be contacted at 310-385-0880.

Top 3- Crustacean
At the beverly hills is the LA’s third best restaurant, Crustacean. Our chef Helene An is basically from vietnam. With the secret recipes of that place she has spread her magic all over in LA.It is also called the top fusion restaurant of Asian dishes. Its serving the people of LA for even more than 20 years and it anyhow has managed to provide you with best asia based sea food. Must trues are roasted crab, Grlic noodles. 

Top 4- Nobu Malibu
The nobu malibu at 22706 Pacific coast highway is most commonly known as the king of Japanese food here in LA.With the wide acknowledgement, they have their branches all around the world. Its near the coast of Pacific. The very famous muat try dish here is black cod miso and jalapeno yellowtail.The main advantages of it are the view of beautiful location, the restaurant design and the very emphasized its location again. It can be contacted at 310-317-9140.

Top 5- Providence
It is situated at the 5955 Melrose ave. This is not just some restaurant, but has even won an award for the best sea food. Two main pillars for this achievement are innovative menus and good quality of food. Its been 10 years but still the purity of taste is sacred. Surely, you would like to start with apetizers such as black tuffles and then focus on main course items just like vermilion rockfish with an incredible touch of coconut. Its best of its kind and can be contacted at 323-460-4170.

Top 6- Lucques
Another restaurant in top 10 at west Hollywood, 8474 Melrose Ave. For a wide range of cuisines like American, Californian, European, French aand Mediterranean.You would like to visit here again and again. It is here since 1998and our chef Suzanne Gain is serving here since then with her epic steak fries. The menu is strictly based in season. So you can not expect some corn items in the January. She has achieved some awards for her skills and also have a large chain of restaurants round the city. It can be contacted at 323-655-6277.

Top 7- Melisse
Since 1999, Melisse is a constant famous spot for people nearby 1104 wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica. Chef cum owmer Josiah Citrin keeps on changing little things just to be better and makes sure the satisfaction level of all his customers. The never ending offorts of being best in French – hauts cuisine has led its way to achieving the goal. One muat try Dover sole here and do not forget to taste the great wine varities here. It can be contacted at 310-395-0881.

Top 8 – Platina
Situated at 141S grand ave, LA, this place claims to be “a quite heaven from all the stress and humult of everyday life.” When being here one does not need his or her cell phone.Its exact location is somewhere inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown. Chef Joachim Spli Chal is famous for his award and the unique combinations of French and Californian food. The experience of being at Patina in itself is worth remembering lifetime. It can be contacted at 213-972-3331.

Top 9- Republique
The chef duo- Chef Walter and Ched Magarita Manzke are very well handling their pride – Republique at 624 South LA Brea Avenue. I loved the french fries. More than toast starter..i liked the eggs more. Those were not some simple eggs but the special mix of Uni and soft crambled eggs. More than anything,lobster soup is closest to my heart. Amd you must visit here if you re a fan of French and California cuisines. It can be contacted at 310-362-6115.

Top 10- The Bazaar
In 2010, this restaurant was given the title of top Newcomer. It is situated at 465 S LA Cunega Blvd. Our chef Jose Andres always try to offer more and more variety in his menus. So, you get a lot of options to select your meal from. The skills and presentation of chef is something which needs to be apreciated. It has some tapas in the terrace and a happy cocktail partyy in the night hours. It can be contacted at 310-246-5555.

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