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Top 10 Restaurants of San Francisco


San Francisco has from something to anything that a person could ever need in his entire life. It has the spirit of everything and with that spirit it welcomes all with the same big heart. No matter if you are a traveler or some citizen, there’s always something which lefts undiscovered by an individual. 

Coming to the food, many people would agree on it that it is one of the world’s best food offering cities in the world. There are quite a few unique restaurants in san francisco which attracts large crowds and serve value for every cent you spend there. If you are traveling here for the very first time then your reasons may include “food walk”. This happens in case of 90% people. 

So, here is the guide for you of the famous places to eat in san francisco from where from you must taste the food at least once in your life. You may find yourself puzzled in between of so many food places that too in a small piece of land itself, competing for more customers. But this is the beauty of this place, the profit margin from always keep increasing.  The following list offers the best lunch in san francisco :-

Top 1- Californias
Situated at 22nd St San Francisco, Californias is a beautiful, well decorated  Mexican restaurant. Food is as pretty and mouth watering on sight as good it feels after entering the mouth. The contrast between wall paint and lighting effect brings out the best of it. It has two options to offer you as per your taste. If you want a drink, there is a bar with an actual view of food being prepared at the kitchen. Second, you may be some lazy, rest loving person for whom there’s a banquet with proper soothing sitting. Must tries here are- wagyu steak and lobster tacos. Place can be contacted at 415-757-0994.

Top 2- Liholiho Yacht club
At the Sutter St. San Francisco, this place is the most loved lower hill restaurant. The taste of the hands of chef Ravi Kapoor has a separate fan base here, which is basically spread in Hawaiian food lovers for the most unique Hawaiian flavors that are served here. Upstairs is a full bar which is always full with a few tables only. The most difficult part enters when you have the menu in hand and you are confused among all the dishes to order from. Down side is a room, where only reservation dining is available. But at a table named Ohana, this yacht club serves 10- 12 dishes for large groups. This can be contacted at 415-440-5446.

Top 3- Tartine Manufactory
On the alabama st. san Francisco, Tartine Manufactory is a combination of both restaurant and bakery. Its a huge space with an ice cream parlour, bar and restaurants along with the bakery. It is open for all the three meals of the day- breakfast, lunch and dinner. This place may not fulfill your expectation of a proper restaurant but trust me that it does offer one of the best food around the city, be it Sandwiches, salads or bone marrow toasts. It can be contacted at 415-757-00007.

Top 4- Quince
Situated at the 470 pacific ave San Francisco, Quince is famous in all of the city for its best michelin starred restaurant for italian and calfornian food. Another main attraction that pulls people towards it even more is that the raw food material which is used here comes from the fresh farms in Bolinas. Further for the decoration part it looks absolutely beautiful by the art work and flowers. Chef Michael tusk is the main reason behind the success of this place. It can be contacted at 415-775-8500.

Top 5- China line
With the best dishes of china, this multi floored restaurant is situated at 644 broadway san Francisco. This place is none less than some empire in itself made specially for Chinese lovers and spread in 30,000 sq ft. These multi floors offers you a large variety of services including a bar, a market, downstairs restaurant, lounge, tea cafe and fine dining upstairs. By all means, it is here to attract you and make you happier. Hence has widest variety including beaf noodle soup, bao zai fan and what not. Complimented by fermented cocktails. It can be contacted at 415-788-8188.

Top 6- Rich Table
Famous for the beautiful, tasty, unique and unidentical flavours this restaurant is situated at 199, Gough st. San Francisco. One of the oldest still most loved restaurant is run by Evan and Sarah rich who happen to be the husband and wife. The marvelous location is yet another positive attraction for visitors here as it is located near the heart of Hayes valley. The starters, main course everything is more than just being tasty. Main courses are according to the availability and demand in market or as per taste. It can be contacted at 415-355-9025.

Top 7- Campton Place
Restaurant offering the unique fusion of flavours of South India and California food is situated at 340 Stocktton st. San Francisco. Chef Srijith Gopinathan, one of the best chefs of the Indian restaurants is now serving in here and is being equally loved by all for his skills and understanding of flavours.The experience here is highly luxuriest and a long list of wine and cocktails is all what more is needed. It can be contacted at 415-781-5555.

Top 8  – Lazy bear
With its own thought process and planning of offering food in  a synchronized way, this restaurant lazy bear is situated at 19th street, st. San Francisco. It only offers single menu two times a day to make their customers have a proper food meal from the varieties. The very awesome marel mushrooms, favas, soups and arugula are more than just enough for taste. It can be contacted at 415-874-9921.

Top 9- Swan Oyster Depot
This restaurant is run by a family which is here in the service of all food lovers for over 100 years. As the age is increasing, so is the popularity and taste of food. The menu is totally dedicated to sea food. It has pile of endless fresh oyster, crab, fish all for you. It is served with cocktails, salads, olive oil on it, salt and lemon. It can be contacted at 415-673-1101.

Top 10- Florella
For all those pizza lovers out there, here is the place waiting for you at 2399, Clemen st. San Francisco. There is a variety of new things with new lunch menu every Friday and a great cocktail menu along with it. The mix of brown butter banana bread and whiped cream of coconut is the best. It can be contacted at 415-340-3049.

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