Top 7 Honeymoon Destinations in Europe and Asia

Everyone in this world get married and everyone has a dream to enjoy the special time of there life with there life partner. Most of the newly married couples have a dream to spend there honeymoon at international destination. They always have a question in there mind which destination is suitable for there honeymoon. While selecting the destination always keep in mind that what will be the budget, for how long you want to stay there,what are the best places to visit, Things to do etc. Below is the list of Top 7 Honeymoon Destinations in Europe and Asia.


Greece is one of the European Countries in south Eastern Europe. It is one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations. Greece also has thousands of islands. The Capital of Greece is Athens. People visiting Greece and and nearby islands has to take a flight to Athens and from here they have to make local connections such as ferry transfer or Air travel. During  High tides ferry does not operate and passengers has to travel by Air only. 

Famous Places to visit in Greece are as follows :

Athens :– A city with Ancient Acropolis and Pathenon

Santorini : Place of Fira , Oia, Beaches & volcanic features

Mykonos : Famous for Beaches , Nightlife and Mykonos Town

Crete :  Famous for Knossos , Heraklion Measuem  & Beached

One things person should keep in mind while selecting Greece as there preferred destination is that being a European country its very expensive. It is Also one of the Top 7 Honeymoon Destination in Europe and Asia.


For Visiting Greece an Indian National must get a valid schenegan Visa. For details on Visa click on below link:


France is also one of the famous country of Europe. It is in Western Europe encompasses medievel cities, Alpine village and beaches. The capital of France is Paris. Paris is famous for  its Fashion. It is also famous for the famous Eiffel tower, wines , famous cuisines etc. It is the most preferred destination amongst Indians as its easy to reach from India with cheapest flight connections.

Some Famous cities of Paris person should visit are :

Paris : Famous for Eiffel Towrer, Sienne Cruise , Fashion and style

Nice :  Famous for French Riviera,plus Matisse art museum

Marseille : Famous for Vieux port, Markets & bouillabaisse

For Traveling to France Indian Passport Holders need to Apply for a Schenegan Visa atleast 15-20 working days prior to Departure date.

Follow the below link for Visa Details :


Switzerland is one of the European countries consist of Mountain peaks, Villages, Lakes etc. The Capital of Switzerland is Berne. It is the most beautiful destination among other honeymoon destinations. Some people always has a dream to visit Switzerland as there Honeymoon Destination. During winters it is fully covered with Ice Glaciers.

Some of the Famous places person should visit are:

Zurich : Famous for Banking center on the Limmat River

Lucerne : Famous of Alpine city with medieval Chapel

Geneva : Famous Lake geneva, Old town and united

For Switzerland Indian National has to Apply for a VISA to enter into the country. Visa needs to be obtained atleast 10-15 working days prior to Departure.

Follow the below link if you wish to get some info on Basic VISA Documentation.


ITALY is one of the European country with a long mediterranean coastline. The Capital of Italy is RomeItaly is famous of there Italian cuisine, western culture , and ancient ruins.  Currency used inItaly is Euro. Every year large number of tourist visit Italy. There is one  famous phrase about Rome i.e ”when in Rome Do as the romans Do ” . 

Some of the popular destinations in Italy are:

Rome : It is famous for the Colosseum, Iconic art and the vatican 

Venice : It is famous for the Canals , Carnival, San marco Square and famous Gondola ride

Florence : It is Famous for Renaissance art and brunelleschi’s Duomo,Leaning tower of Pisa


MAURITIUS is one of the most Famous Honeymoon Destinations amongst Indians and other nationalities. It is the Country Based in Eastern AfricaMauritius is famous for its Beautiful Beaches, Lagoons and reefs. It Also includes Rain forests, Waterfall, Hiking trails & wildlife.  People wish to visit Mauritius for relaxation, playing water sports activities, Enjoying Beaches etc.

Some of the Activities available for the Tourist or Honeymooners to do in Mauritius are:

Casela Adventure Park Tour 

Visit Crocodile Park

North Island Tour

South Island Tour

Ille Aux cerfs Tour –  Enjoy Parasailing during the tour

Under seawalk activity

Catamaran cruise

Above are the activities tourist love to do during there trip to Mauritius. Also the best thing is VISA for Indian nationals is free of Charge on Arrival.


MALDIVES is a South Asia country famous for its Beaches. It is the Tropical nation in the Indian Ocean composed of 26 Atolls ( States). It has almost 1200 Islands. The Best Part about Maldives is every resort is made on single island that is one island one resort. People arrive at Male International airport which is the capital of Maldives. People has to commute by either Speed boats or Sea plane to reach there resorts. The Currency of Maldives is Maldivian Rufiyaa. Maldives is a Islamic country so the Muslim tourist can also enjoy the non veg food there. One thing has to keep in mind being a Islamic country Alcohol is Banned and those who has to carry wine bottles has to carry it from the Airport or the Local Islands. 

Visa is free on Arrival for Maldives.

Activities to do in Maldives are as follows:

Water sports such as snorkeling, Jet ski can be done.

Dolphin watching and other water animals watching etc.

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