Top Benefits of Walking Daily.

With all the technological innovations, people have lost the art of walking. And subsequently, resulting in the end number of diseases starting from knee problems. People should understand that stopping walking will not do them any good, but only create problems for them. Walking just 30 minutes a day will relieve them of many lifestyle problems like Diabetes, Obesity, Heart problems, etc. Some of the benefits accruing to a person by walking just half an hour a day can be summed up as follows.


The following are the benefits they can reap if they continue with their walking, just for 30 minutes a day:

  1. Walking brings down your blood pressure to normal. High blood pressure may result in Kidney failure,Heart attack and Stroke.
  2. Walking minimizes the risk of being affected by Cancer. Easy and lazy life is one of the main reason of getting Cancer. So, when you walk, make sure you are walking fast and your heart beat is also a little bit faster than the normal.It also reduces the risk of Breast cancer in Women.
  3. It increases the flow of blood in the body resulting in more oxygen to the brain. LDL cholesterol level also decreases when you walk regularly. So it opens up the space in the nerves thereby reducing the Stroke attack.
  4. When you walk, it reduces the risk of you being diabetic. Scientists recommend at least 5000 steps of walk every day. So when you cannot walk 5000 steps at one go, you can do it by waking in 2-3 parts of manageable steps.

5. Walking makes your bones stronger. It increases the bone density of the bones, thereby reducing the possibilities of Osteoporosis. Walking reduces the chance of elbow fracture/joint fracture by 50%.

6. One of the main benefits of Walking is it increases the digestive power of the body. It is a well-known fact that all the diseases start from the stomach and when you walk for at least 30 minutes a day, it stimulates the digestive juices and the root cause of all diseases, that is constipation is taken care of. And if you walk regularly every day, there is no power in the universe that can stop you from having a constipation free stomach. It reduces the risk of intestine cancer also. Walking increases the rate of Metabolism.

7. Walking boosts the immunity power of the body. It means walking increases the power of the body to fight diseases. Walking increases the number of White blood cells in the body which are also called immunity cells. Walking slightly increases the body temperature which helps in killing harmful viruses and bacteria in the body.

8. Walking helps in reducing the chances of having Dementia. Dementia is a neurological order wherein the person suffers from a decline in memory, problem-solving, thinking problems, impaired reasoning, memory disorders, etc. This disease decreases the brainpower of the person and is generally found in the old age. Walking decreases the chances of Dementia.

9. Walking increases the capacity of Lungs. When you walk, Lungs takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. This makes the Lungs stronger and gives it a long life. In this way, it also acts as an immunity booster and can thwart Coronavirus threat to some extent.

10. It controls mental tension and mental fatigue. Walking gives you relief from mental fatigue and streamlines your thinking process. Mental tension results in many diseases such as Diabetes, headache, tension, gastrointestinal problems, Alzheimer’s, accelerated aging, etc. So, whenever you are down and out, just go out for a walk and see the difference.

11. Walking changes your mood for the better. Walking decreases the creation of depression hormones and takes your mood towards cheerful one.

12. Walking increases the size of the hippocampus part of the brain. And when you are whole day sitting, it reduces the hippocampus size. Hippocampus is that part of the brain which is related to memory. So, if its size is small, it will result in memory problems and if the hippocampus size is large, memory is sharp. And the problem of old age relating to memory is very much resolved by just making walking a daily habit.

13. It makes your heart strong. Walking makes the blood flow freely through the heart and makes it strong and improving its performance.

14. It helps in controlling weight. Obese people are obese because they don’t do physical exercise. Obesity brings with it many ailments such as Diabetes, Cancer high Blood pressure. Walking will help in controlling all these ailments and many more.

15. Whenever you walk, you are in harmony and one with nature. You start feeling the power of silence and start talking with yourself, thereby getting answers to the many questions you were seeking for so long. Mother Nature will help you find answers to the many questions you were seeking.

16. Walking throws out toxins from the body. When you walk, toxins are thrown out of your body in the form of sweat, urine, etc. thereby making the body healthy and fit.

In this period of Coronavirus, you can’t go outside for a walk, the best thing is to walk on the roof or inside your house. Better still, you can order home exercise cycles from Amazon, which has many options on its platform, and can be had from the following link.,aps,285&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_12&linkCode=ll2&tag=naturalhea044-21&linkId=fb0a50477451dff5af9c0d9a726a2948&language=en_IN

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