1) Gandhi Nagar Wholesale Readymade Cloth Market

Gandhi Nagar Wholesale Readymade Cloth Market in New delhi is the Asia’s Biggest market for Readymade cloths such as T-Shirts,Jeans,Kurtis,Trousers,Lehengas and other Cloth Stuff.It has more than 10000 Shops, showrooms and factories. This markets provides good Quality clothes at very cheap prices as compare to other markets. Quality of the cloths depends upon the price of product as whole sale rates starts from INR 80 and can go Upto 800. Customers from all over India visits Gandhi Nagar to purchase products in Lot and sell in there cities and and urban areas in small quantity and earn high profits. Its the best place as people get different varieties of Cloths at one place with best quality, quantity and price. The Market opens Tuesday to Sunday only.

2) Tank Road Cloth Market

Tank road
is also the second biggest wholesale Readymade Cloth Market in  New Delhi. Its Located in central Delhi near Karol Bagh. Tank road has more than 5000 Cloth Shops available to serve different variety of cloths at cheap and Afforadable rates. Karol Bagh is famous for Good quality of Ladies and Gents Jeans. The price range starts from 140 – 800 INR per piece depending upon the order. Clothes from Tank road is supplied to different cities in bulk order  such as Bihar,Uttar Pradesh,Gujarat,Kerala etc. Most of the transactions are done in cash only. Tank road opens Tuesday to Sunday only.

3) Rajouri Garden Retail Cloth Market

Rajouri Garden is one of the most demanding cloth market Amongst ladies and its famous for best quality Ladies cloths such as Ladies Kurtis, Ladies Sarees, Indo western dresses and much more. There are many famous shops such as Benazir,Kins, Stelatoes and other brands available and preferred by most of the Girls and Ladies. The price range of products start from 300 INR and can go Upto lacs as it totally depends upon the customer what quality they prefer. Rajouri Garden market opens from Tuesday to Sunday only.

4) Kamla Nagar Cloth Market

Kamla Market is also the preferred shopping place Amongst Delhi people. Its Located near to North Campus of Delhi University. As its located near to Delhi most of the college students preferred to visit Kamla Nagar Market for shopping. At this market Students and other city people gets cloths at cheapest price. People has an option to bargain as shopkeepers starts selling products at higher price however customers gets it at lower price depending upon the Bargaining skills. This Market offers Different variety of cloths with price range starting from 200 INR and can go Upto Lacs. This market opens from Monday to Saturday and Closed on Sunday.

5) Chandani Chowk Cloth Market

Chandi Chowk is also one of the Biggest wholesale Readymade cloth market. Its located in east delhi also known as Old Delhi. Chandni Chowk is famous for best quality of Bridal Lehengas, Raw Cloth materials for Mens, Best Quality Ladies Sarees etc. This market has more than 10000 Shops active. Most of the people prefer to purchase Bridal Lehengas and Ladies Suits in Bulk as they get products at cheap and affordable prices as compare to other markets. The price range starts from INR 500 and can go upto lacs depending upon the quality of work they choose from different cloth options. This market opens between Tuesday to Sunday and closed on Monday.

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