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Why You Shouldn’t visit the Turquoise Lake in Russia?

In Russia in Novosibirsk there is a stunning Turquoise lake which is a renowned sightseeing spot and which is always present in the Russia tour diary of the tourists. Recently, it has been discovered to be a poisonous discarded junkyard. The human made wonderful lake has fascinated numerous individuals of Instagram users appreciates to its energetic blue shade. However as per to the Siberian Generating Company, which possesses the lake, it’s in reality an ash scrapyard from a coal plant and interacts with the water should be evaded at any price.
Though it has become one of the Top Russia tourist destinations but still the environmentalists have raised concern about its water quality. The lively shade of the water which has led some people to call it by the name of “Siberian Maldives”, arises from the elements which is liquefy in the water such as calcium salts and metal oxides that gives it a content of high alkaline. “The corporation also cautioned tourists to not get into the water or so close to it in order to click snaps” posted on social media platform of Instagram. They also said that “Even though, the water is not that venomous but the middle of the lake was filthy and so it would be ‘practically impossible’ for an individual to get out of the water on his own.”
This lake also has its own account on social media platform of Instagram by the name of @maldives_nsk. Posts on Instagram expresses users taking snaps by the edge of stunning lake or paddle boarding in the blue water. An individual is even seen riding the bouncy swan and one instagram user also commented on the picture: “Relish that contaminated lake water.”
This week, it was shown this week that a famous Instagram place in Bali was not pretty as exciting in reality.
Visitors stated dissatisfaction after the visit in Lempuyang Temple in karangasem which is often denoted to by the name of “Gates of Heaven”. Several visitors come to reform images they saw on Instagram of persons standing in the center of the holy place with water reflecting their mirror image back at individuals. On the other hand, actually a mirror is utilized to edit the images because inside the temple there is no water at all.

So If you are planning for Turquoise lake camping then take these words with extreme caution.

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