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Your Personal Toolkit for skin care in monsoons

Monsoon Beauty Survival kit in your bag. The following monsoon skin care products will prove much handy in the uncertain weather because it is sometime rainy and the other time scorching sun is staring you with full love.

sunscreen is the first and most necessary step of monsoon beauty. you should have a pocket friendly sunscreen in your bag. it will give you a fresh base look and protct your skin from harmful UV rays and from sun-tan. you shuold use sunscreen with spf 50 or 50+ for the best result.

Gentle cleanser is the second step to make your skin clean and young. By using a lot of face beauty products and because of pollution our skin gets dull and pores open up which may lead to infections also. Sweating and oily skin are also two acute problems leading to opening of pores. Due to which, you get wrinkles on your face and you look older than your real age. Use of gentle cleanser two times in a day gives you an oil free look and helps to prevent pores from getting clogged.

In the Season of monsoon, your skin gets oily or dry (as per the nature of your skin) faster than normal seasons and excessive sun exposure also leads to the dehydration of skin. In the season of monsoon, you should use light-weight oil free skin serum. By applying skin serum, you are preventing you from the dull and dry skin. Serum have nutrients in it which gives your skin a natural glow. You can also add up this to your daily routine.

Lip Balm with SPF
Our skin gets tanned and damaged from the harmful UV rays of sun. Similarly, our lips also gets damaged by UV rays. They start to turn darker and dry up too. To protect your lips in the season of monsoon or summer, add up a lip balm with SPF in your daily make-up routine. Market has a wide range of lip Balm with SPF in different colours. You can choose your favourite colour and apply it to your lips before heading to the sun.

In this season you will stink by sweating and irritate soon. Fragrances also gives you a confidence to stand up in the crowd. To maintain your body odour, You can use floral fragnaces, body roll-ons, clean aromas, lightweight sprays, cool body lotions for dry skin or even body oil. Don’t use air sprays, they will fly soon.

I am sure by saying that you’ll get a fresh and clean look by following these 5 steps. People will find you that what is new in you. These 5 steps also prevent your skin from damages

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